Here is a list of the top Google tools for car rentals to maximise their visibility and performance.

1. G-Suite and Streak

Google Workspace is an excellent service for car rentals to manage emails, events, calendars, meetings, photos, marketing assets more. It’s perfect for communication with customers and partners by offering a smarter way for teams to co-edit live documents in real time.

Streak is a simple CRM system that integrates well with Gmail. In Streak it is possible to manage communication with parters, resellers and affiliates. You can set up sales pipelines and workflows for online marketing . It also allows you to monitor the reaction i.e. if and how often emails have been opened or forwarded.

2. Google Photos

Google Photos is an excellent photo storage solution to store photos before they are further developed for marketing activities. Stream photos and videos directly from cameras into the cloud and keep a copy of all original photos.

The search engine can find photos based on the content of photos without requiring specific metadata descriptions. You can find all the photos matching to search phrases, faces and geolocations whether you are searching for waterfalls, mountains, vehicles or people.

3. Google Meet 

Google Meet is the perfect tool for online meetings with partners or employees in distributed locations or on the go. There is no need to book or register the meetings beforehand, simply go to to start the meeting.

4. Google My Business

Google My Business is a database of service providers that appear in Google search results and on Google Maps. It’s vital to have control of your information to ensure that its is correct and presented correctly. You need to claim your property on Google and proof the ownership to receive control of your business’s information.

Claiming an official registration with Google a car rental can improve its score in local search on Google. That increases the possibility of having a place sign pin appear on Google Maps. People are much more likely to notice confirmed registrations with a Place pin in search results. That may help your customers find the correct directions to your pick-up and drop-off locations.

Google offers an app and a website to control the registration on Google My Business. From there you can edit opening hours, create a simple company website or post about services and offerings to increase visibility and trust.

Google offers direct bookings from the company landing page on Google for travel services like hotels, restaurants and airlines. This might be coming for car rentals as well.

5. Google Places API

Information that are registered in Google My Business database are accessible via a Google web-service called Google Places. Countless travel tech companies use this web-service to offer place content in their apps or online services. For your car rental company to have a strong presence on 3rd party apps that you the Google Places database you must make sure that the registration of your car rental business is up to date.

6. Google Travel

An other service fro Google is Google Travel. It collects meta information in emails from your Gmail inbox about travel bookings. It finds booking confirmation emails from airlines, hotels and car rentals and collects it into the services. A person can add places of interest, things to do, and restaurants to their itineraries.

By supporting the “Schema Markup” in their confirmation emails sent from booking systems car rentals can have their data indexed by Google Travel.  Using the correct meta format makes the information visible to Google Travel.

You should also check out or Caren Trips itinerary builder for car rentals.

7. Schema Markup & Annotations for Gmail

Emails with Schema Markup can allow important information to be extracted from emails in Gmail and small actions can be enabled on those emails directly from within the inbox.

There are specific standards for bookings of flight tickets, accommodation and car rental bookings, restaurant reservations and events.

Users can for example quickly confirm changes on bookings in case of re-bookings or rescheduling. As a result this makes previously complicated and tedious tasks of calling a customer support call centre in order super simple. By making things easier for your customers you increase the chances of getting a good review online.

Email Annotations can be used to control the visibility of photos, coupon codes, discounts and validity of offers directly in the Inbox. Annotations increase the value of the marketing activities by highlighting meaningful information without the ned to open the email.

8. Google Analytics

A last but not least Google Analytics is a must have performance monitoring service any car rental needs. It will track the performance of your marketing and sales activities and allow you to optimise you sales funnel online.

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