Caren Trips

Road trip planner for self-drive customers

Caren Trips is the trip planning and itinerary system of the Caren Car Rental Solutions. It is one of a kind solution available for car rentals that want ensure the best experiences for the rental customers.

Caren Trips Features

Upgrade the Self Drive Experience with the Caren Trips and Caren DriverGuide specialised for car rental customers.

Impress your Customers with Caren Trips self-drive Itineraries

Why not help your customers discover the hidden treasures and attractions accessible from your car rental location. Create and mange personalised itineraries or allow your customers to create their own using the built-in destination content.

Offer Customers to “Save Trips” and customise

Customers can access your trip plans online. You can allow customers to “Save to My Trips” and customise as they wish or you handle the customisation for them to create personalised itineraries for their next adventure. You can offer trip plans as a part of your car rental booking experience.

Offer Tours & Activities in Destinations

Offer bookable tours and activities in destinations on the itinerary. Integrated suppliers are available via the Bokun Marketplace.

Caren Trips works best with DriverGuide

WGet most out of Caren Trips by offering your customers the Caren DriverGuide Tablet App.

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